Frequently Asked Questions

Can I transfer my shares to another person?
Shares deposited in the CSD can be transferred to another person. kindly contact us for further information.
Can you give me advice on my shareholdings?
Kindly contact us on any of our channels to assist you.
Can you provide advice on what shares to buy?
We have a team of trained professionals who can assist you with making an informed decision.
How can I update my bank details?
You will need to download the Securities Account Maintenance Form, complete it and send to us.
What information do I need to provide when opening an account?
A valid photo ID card, a passport picture and utility bill or Ghana Post Address.
How do I close my account?
You may formally write to us stating your request or present a sell instruction.
How do I pay for my transactions?
Payment can be made via any of the following options; UMB Bank Account; UMBS Clients’ Account number 0010100220111 MTN MoMo Merchant number 117287
How do I place an order?
Complete the purchase order form or send us an email of your instructions .
How do I pursue a career as a stockbroker?
You will need to enroll on the Ghana Stock Exchange Securities Course to be certified as a registered securities dealer.
Who are your regulators?
The Securities and Exchange Commission and the Ghana Stock Exchange.
How do I get information about my investments?
Kindly contact us to assist you or you can look up publications online at Annual Reports Ghana or in the Business & Financial Times Newspaper.
How do I withdraw cash from my account?
You would need to place an order to sell with a payment instruction stated.
How much do I need to invest?
You can begin with any amount on a consistent payment schedule to help grow your investment.
I am an executor for an estate containing holdings of stocks/shares, how do I go about selling them?
You would need to visit our office with a Letter of Administration and a valid photo ID so we can assist in selling.
I live outside Ghana; Can I trade and how?
Yes. You can fill account opening forms on our online platform or download securities account opening forms to fill and send to us. We will make trades on your behalf.
I'm not sure how many shares I own, can I check my holdings?
Yes. Kindly put in a request via our online platform and we would assist you.
I made an error when I placed my order, can I change or cancel it?
You can make changes to your order but before trade is executed.
I've changed my name; how can I update my details?
You should inform us with a letter stating your request and provide an affidavit or gazette and a valid photo ID.
Can I open accounts and invest for my children?
Yes, you may open trust accounts for your children who are below the age of 18 years. Fill the account opening forms on our online platforms and attach the required documents.
I think my deceased relative may hold shares; how do we find out if they do?
Kindly contact the Registrars to assist you; CSD : 030 397 2618/ 030 290 6576/ 030 290 6579/ 030 290 6580 UMB : 030 222 6112/ 030 222 0952 NTHC : 030 222 9664/030 024 0241 GCB : 0303 266 8712
What are stock market indices and how do they work?
It is a tool used to statistically measure the progress of a group of stocks that share characteristics.
What are your charges?
Brokerage commission of 1.8% and Regulatory charges of 0.07% of the value of trades executed.
How can I keep up-to-date with the market?
You can find weekly, quarterly and annual reports from us and our media partners; Business & Financial Times Newspaper, Bloomberg, Refinitiv, FactSet, The Finder, Economy times.
Why invest in the stock market?
The stock market provides you with a stable investment to secure a better future.
Who can open an account?
Anyone between the age of 18 and above.